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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Behind Enemy Lines

Soon-tek Oh: Red Sun Rising/A Home of Our Own/Deadly Game/The Road Not Taken/Yesterday's Child/The A Team/Blood Sport/The Point of No Return/Night of the Deadly Blossom/Soursweet/Memories Are Forever.

From a list of books by Jeffrey Deaver: The Lesson of Her Death/Hard News/Hell's Kitchen/Bloody River Blues/The Vanished Man/Speaking in Tongues/A Maiden's Grave/Garden of Beasts/Twisted: Collected Stories/Garden of Beasts/Praying for Sleep.

From a list of books by Martha Grimes, in her latest Richard Jury mystery, The Old Wine Shades: The Dirty Duck/The Deer Leap/The Old Contemptibles/The Case Has Altered/The Horse You Came In On/Rainbow's End/The Winds of Change/The Old Fox Deceived/The Grave Maurice/A Train Now Departing/The End of the Pier.


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