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Friday, May 26, 2006

Lying Causes Clinical Depression

An article on msn.com today said that depression is increasing in the United States. They talked about how a lot of it's chemical, but I have a different explanation for why depression is endemic in Amerika: Americans are having multiculturalism forced on them by the government and the media. It has become impossible for Caucasians, and perhaps for non-Caucasians, to express their preference for the company, in their private lives, of people of their own race or ethnic group. To do so risks being labeled a "racist" or a "hater," with the possibility (probability?) of being the victim of violence and economic persecution (I am jobless). Where does depression come in? When people are forced to lie about and suppress anger and frustration at their circumstances, the energy that is earmarked by our brains to change those circumstances is also suppressed, and it is my belief that suppressing that energy can be accomplished only by suppressing all of our energy, making all actions that are not aimed at eliminating the threat to our survival seem irrelevant, and not worth getting out of bed for. We'll all be catatonic if we don't get to tell the truth, and get angry, soon.


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