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Friday, October 13, 2006

Paradise Raped: the Systematic Exploitation and Violation of Paradise Consciousness (for Fun and Profit)

By brainwashing the white races with a religion, Christianity, that preaches the nobility of "self sacrifice," and "brotherhood in Christ," whites have been conned into waiving their right to survive, in order to give the advantage to non-whites. It's happening. The monkeys, of all colors, who are telepathically demanding race mixing are very aware that their demands are an outrage, and we can prove that by asking them, verbally, what they think about forced race mixing. Unless they're exceptionally honest people (aren't too many of those around, are there?), they'll say that it isn't legal, and that written laws protect us from such demands! What the monkeys do and what they say are two different things, but what they say tells us they know that what they're doing is ILLEGAL! Baby rapers!


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