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Monday, June 12, 2006

Racist, Schmacist

If there is anyone out there who is as tired as I am of being afraid to express a preference for the company of their own race or ethnic group, or even for one person over another, there is a solution. Since we're pretty certain that it's our various governments that are sanctioning the pressure being put on people to "multiculturalize," or choose companions, from among people who do not share our values, for the sake of our "safety," as a means of depriving all of us of our freedom of choice as regards our companions, all we have to do is say that it is the System that is forcing multiculturalism and a safety-in-groups attitude (can you say "protection racket") down our throats, and that the people who support the System's agenda, regardless of their race or ethnicity, are expecting to be rewarded by the System for their obnoxious behavior in trying to force themselves on people who have no desire to socialize with them. And the best part about saying it is that you'll be telling the truth!


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