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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The game is rigged; we are obliged to knock over the board."

I think I have mentioned before that whites are being programmed by the media and terrorized by economic persecution into favoring the children of other races over their own children. Even worse, whites whose energy and genius would ordinarily be devoted to the advancement and survival of their own race are being compelled to divert that energy and genius into activities that favor the survival of non-whites over whites. I know it's happening, and I know whose side I'm on! Is there anyone else out there who knows what's at stake here, and that it's a lot more important than being in "the show?"

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Tom Metzger has nothing on the movie industry when it comes to inciting hate crimes!

There's a scene in the movie, "Revenge of the Nerds," where the character played by Robert Carradine, dressed as Darth Vader, has sex with a girl who thinks that he's her boyfriend, who's also wearing a Darth Vader costume. When the girl discovers that he is not who she thought he was, post coitally, of course, she is so enamored of his sexual prowess that she immediately dumps her boyfriend and becomes Carradine's girlfriend. Leave it to Hollywood to turn rape into consensual sex after the fact! I wonder how many young men who have seen that movie and others like it have forced themselves on women, and then been astonished to find themselves arrested for rape? Maybe not as many as there might have been if Hollywood wasn't also busy making movies, such as "Pretty Woman," that seduce young women into believing that being a prostitute is the perfect way to meet and marry Prince Charming. Mr. Metzger told the truth about a threat to the survival of white people, and he was fined several million dollars because someone who read his website committed a "hate crime." Of course white people who resist race mixing are accused of being "haters" and "racists," anyway, and usually find themselves the targets of economic persecution. Actually trying to prevent the takeover of our lives and homes by a hostile "culture" is termed a hate crime. Why do I think that the people making the laws in Amerika are not working for the majority who elected them?

Friday, August 18, 2006

Putting Out Fires with Gasoline

If "the world" is unable or unwilling, and since no one's talking we don't know which it is, to rescue us from our captors, then it is not in our best interest to give them the assistance that they should expect only if they rescue us, especially if giving them that assistance costs us our lives or the little freedom we still have. That's the "would we." The "could we" is that lying about wanting to save the monsters who are murdering us would make our actions in that direction ineffective. It's all about sincerity! And no one can be sincere about wanting to save the lives of murderers so that they can continue with their crimes!

The means ARE the end!

Or in the words of Marshall McLuhan, "The Medium is the Message." If my perception of the Enemy's plans for our lives seems clearer than most, it's because I know that their ultimate objective isn't the domination of whites by non-whites, but the suppression of full consciousness, and that targeting whites is the easiest way to get the voluntary cooperation of non-whites, who are slavering at the thought of having whites on their knees.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We're taking back what was always ours

The concept of "karma" and its relationship to reincarnation is meant to cover up the System's obstruction of the natural flow of human bioelectrical energy. By calling the part of our consciousness that the System wants kept buried our "soul" or "spirit," and siccing their parasitic attack dogs ("the fans") on us to do that, we are misled into believing that the state of consciousness that is normal for us has to be "earned" through service or suffering. Religion has usurped total sensory awareness and calls it "grace."

F*ck posterity!

We are not obligated to consider the long-range effects of any plan that affects our lives, only the part that affects our lives.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Whenever I hear someone talk about "leveling the playing field" in reference to the favoritism being shown to non-whites in countries that were once white homelands, I want to ask what makes them think that the planned forced servitude and extinction of the white race is a game?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hollywood Rape Kit

1) Agent
2) 8x10 glossies
3) Screen test and/or recording contract

We're not allowed to scream or resist when we're raped in Los Angeles, we're supposed to smile and beg for more. Let the motherf*ckers burn!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Project X

The human species has the choice of moving forward into the light or staying in the jungle. The monkeys want to stay in the jungle so they can continue to get away with kidnap, torture, rape, and murder.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

They finally found someone who'd say the lines the way they were written

After Jesus had had enough of being hit over the head by the parasites who thought they were entitled to make His life Hell on earth, He finally decided to do their stupid pet trick and climbed up on that cross, just so they'd give Him some peace.

"Poem" found in the title list of "Sea Change," by Robert B. Parker

Pastime/A Catskill Eagle

Melancholy Baby/Perish Twice.
The Widening Gyre/A Savage Place.
Promised Land/Crimson
Joy/Bad Business.
Mortal Stakes/God Save the Child.
The Godwulf Manuscript/Appaloosa.
Shrink Rap/All Our Yesterdays.

Three cheers for Robert B. Parker! Burn, monkeys, burn!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Book of Revelation: Jesus' Final Solution

Apparently it is the favorite pastime of most humans on this planet to hunt down, torture, and murder a certain type of human being, typified by Jesus, Adolf Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi, and others famous for their "charisma." Knowing that, it's interesting to read The Book of Revelation as a "prescription," written by Jesus, to cure the world and make it safe for the kind of people who have been the targets of "the majority" for thousands of years.

Straw man

When the issue is freedom of choice, equality is irrevelant.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Slavery lives!

It might be unfortunate that most of the organized white resistance going on in Amerika is based in the northern states; if the government, which blatantly favors non-whites and immigrants over the native-born white population, wants to squelch their resistance, all it has to do is cut off their supply of heating fuel and let them freeze to death. They do something similar to us in L.A. when they don't let us have jobs if we won't "diversify," and can then put us on the streets to find shelter wherever we can.

Monkey see, monkey do

Check out Dana Ellyn's web site, at www.danaellyn.com, to see the mural she and Matt Sesow painted in Washington, D.C. (there's an icon that says something about a mural). Matt's web site, www.sesow.com, has a larger image of the mural; click on the paragraph that says, "D.C. Fringe." Dana's ideas about Jesus' life and death agree with mine. Too bad we're not permitted to speak the truth, not even to save our lives. Dana Ellyn, you're a genius!